Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 ready

well im back to work officially now..i decided to take it slow for the first week of the year due to the crazy december i had..even though i was still at the shop most of the time..i still enjoyed my little mini vacation from its 2011..its here..i just bought my new agenda and am now ready to fill it up with another years worth of tattoos..i was looking back at my old one and couldnt help but to thank god for having a full agenda for the past year..2010 was full of surprises and was definitely a great year for its time to make 2011 im not i have a team of very talented artists..we are ready to conquer this year as a team..with that being said..i want to thank you all for reading my blog throughout the years..i thank you for all the support..and i thank you for all the love..with out you (the community), junkyard studios would not exist..with out you i would be no one..much love and blessings to you all..

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