Tuesday, April 7, 2009

back on set ...

my crew and i recently did a commission job for telemundo..it was very cool to work on a tv studio..all we pretty much did was go out there and have fun..haha..so they had us on set for a new novela and pretty much we had to walk around the set, which is a ny style neighborhood, and paint the hell out of it..they wanted it to look as gutter as possible..so if thats what they want..its what well do..it was really weird to not do something really nice and colorfull..instead we had to make the walls look grimey..it was weird..but it was alot of fun..some of the pics are dark because i ran out of sunlight..but ill make sure to get good fliks

shouts to telemundo for letting us do this..thanks to chizo for hooking it up

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