Tuesday, November 18, 2008

new york!!!

so last weekend we decided to take a spontaneous trip up to the nyc with the 004 connec store..there was a pretty cool graffiti jam which we were goin to help sell paint at..004 connec being our personal friend..we decide to go rep monster and clash with them..so after an already four hour delay for departure..we finally packed up the van at 1145pm on thursday and started our journey.

it was a long trip..and there was alot of sleeping goin on.

i tried to stay up..but for sure..after a nice late night stop to get food and gas..i knocked out..andt hey caught me with my own camera..i didnt even know i slept with my mouth open

we made a stop at a cool spot..hmm...i think it was in the carolinas somewhere..its called south of the border..this place was filled with giant spark plugs and gianty mexicans..it was crazy man..it even had a section that said "pet toilets"..we were goin to eat at the place..but we decided that mexican was definitely a bad choice on such a long trip..so we hung out for a big with the giant mexicans and left our marks and kept on with our trip

finally...after about 20 long hours of driving and getting lost in philly and in baltimore..we finally arrive at our hotel in Manhattan new york..

we wasted no time and poured ourselves a little something and hit the city late night to show my friend ticoe around..it was his first time being out of florida..so we hopped on the train and took him to do what u gotta do in new york..go to the village and drink 40 oz and write all over the streets.. :)

the 40s were a bit of a mission to find..but we found em

after a long walk around town..we went back to the hotel and knocked out..the next day was very hectic..we were goin to paint at the world famous 5points in queens..we woke up early and of course..got lost going there..but we made it and got to work..this is what we did

there was some really serious work in that place..here are some of my favorites that i saw

after paintin we had to rush to the graff event with no time to even shower..hungry and hella dirty..we stopped by to grab some brooklyn pizza..and we had to pass by a bodega..and once again..drink on the street..lol

the event turned out great and i was happy to have been able to meet some graffiti legends..there were some writers in that place that were old enough to be my grandparents..

outside we met this random dude on the street..but he had a cool mustache...so we decided to take a pic of him..

and the jam kept on

the next morning we woke up and left to run a few errands and headed back to good old home..

now im back..and believe me it feels great to be back..its time to get back to work..it was wayyy too cold up there..i dunno how you new yorkers do it every year..

much love and blessings

-junk roxxx

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